Who Is Voxbone SA? 

Voxbone SA was founded in 2005 and was recently taken over by a company named Bandwidth. From emergency calls to messaging, Voxbone provided cloud telecommunication services and had offices in Dublin, Brussels, Singapore, and various other locations around the world. 

Prior to its acquisition, the company had earned a reputation for selling fixed numbers to scammers that targeted and aggressively spammed people on Voxbone SA’s contact list. 

In our Voxbone SA review, we take a closer look at the company’s operations, whether or not it was legit prior to its Bandwidth acquisition, and the best action you can take if you feel like your money has been misappropriated by this organization. 

Is Voxbone SA a Licensed Broker?

Though Voxbone SA wasn’t a broker, it was known for providing telecommunication services to defrauders operating in various industries. Given that these companies were fronts for scams in industries ranging from insurance to medical, there’s no doubt that none of the organizations it enabled had zero licenses to operate legally. 

As for the industry Voxbone SA participated in, there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it was properly regulated or licensed to deliver any of the services it offered before its takeover. 

The problem with unlicensed companies is that you won’t have the backing of local authorities and it can be incredibly tough to get your money back. Once the website is shut down, these scammers are able to disappear, essentially freezing out users’ account access and taking away their chances of seeking refunds. Plus, holding to account the people responsible for misappropriating funds is even more difficult. 

Is Voxbone SA a Scam or Legit?

Voxbone SA was certainly one to watch out for given that it had no problem allowing scammers to use its services. It seemingly made no effort to prevent these fraudulent companies from using its services and this is why so many people became victims as a result. 

Despite Voxbone SA’s takeover, it seems like very little has changed in the way that people are responding to the services on offer. Robo-calls, spamming, and even threats from Bandwidth have been reported, so it’s still certainly one to watch out for. 

In all fairness, Bandwidth has a fair few positive reviews on the web, but it does seem a bit strange that it’d acquire a company like Voxbone SA. Why a company would want to acquire one with such a bad reputation definitely raises questions. 

Biggest Complaints Against Voxbone SA

Frequent scam calls, scam attempts, and fake insurance claims are only a handful of what’s been said about Voxbone SA. Since the organization had zero interest in vetting who it provided its services to, a ton of people were either routinely harassed or became victims of scams as a result of the companies that Voxbone SA had as its customers. 

According to other complaints, some of the scammers were even trying to get personal banking details from people and were using whatever methods they can to obtain them. Even fear of the pandemic was being used as an excuse, and those in need of urgent medical care were being preyed upon. 

Can I Get My Money Back From Voxbone SA?

There’s no point in chasing Voxbone SA on your own – in all honesty, you won’t get anywhere. It’s highly unlikely that Bandwidth will take any responsibility for the money Voxbone SA owes and finding those that need to be held accountable will be even harder. If anything, the company’s recent acquisition only makes things more difficult to raise your complaints. 

You’ll be pleased to know, though, that there’s a whole host of companies – an entire industry, in fact – that exists to help people in your exact position, and have picked thousands of people up when they needed supporting the most. 

Businesses in the chargeback industry use their years of expertise and aggressive tactics to confront all kinds of scammers – from fraudulent binary traders to brokers promising unrealistic returns. Were it not for them, the number of people being parted with their hard-earned cash would continue to increase and so would the number of defrauders taking their chances on naive investors. 

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

With so many companies out there involved in the chargeback industry, it’s easy to find one that you can trust. Just do a bit of research, find the one that works best for you, and reach out to arrange your free consultation. 

After you’ve spoken to a dedicated chargeback expert, they’ll assess your circumstances, review the evidence, and if your case has enough merit, the work begins. They’ll use their expertise and industry knowledge to track down and confront Voxbone SA’s proprietors, using all the evidence you’ve provided to get your money back. 

They’ll connect with local authorities, and financial regulators, and receive support from a partner law firm to apply the pressure that’s needed in these circumstances. All you need to do is wait for the outcome. But rest assured, you’ll be informed at every stage of the case and will no longer be left in the dark about what’s going on with your money.