Who Is CFX Market?

CFX Market is a global brokerage Forex firm that’s based in London and was established five years ago. The company runs three trading platforms and has seven different account types that investors can sign up for, with the most expensive costing a minimum of $25,000. There’s little information available on this company and the website is still active, but several sources report that it’s operating without licenses.

Read on to learn all there is to know about the CFX Market in our review. We explain whether or not the company is licensed to operate, if it’s a firm you can trust, and, ultimately, how to get your money back should your investment with the company have been misappropriated.

Is CFX Market a Licensed Broker?

Despite being based in London, CFX Market talks in dollars on its website and there are no obvious signs of it being regulated to provide services in either the UK or the US. There are, however, a number of websites that claim it operates without any licensing at all.

The main problem with unlicensed brokers is they aren’t abiding by the laws that are in place to protect investors. Without the appropriate licensing, there are zero reasons to trust brokers such as these. And in the event that things go wrong, and your money is essentially stolen, there are no regulators – foreign or domestic – that can protect you and help you get your money back.

Is CFX Market a Scam or Legit?

CFX Market, considering it’s been around for five years, isn’t all that well-known, though it does claim to currently have more than 800 active users with approximately 165,000 transactions made daily.

For a little-known broker, this is quite a substantial amount of trades, which raises questions about the legitimacy of this number. Plus, the website itself, albeit well designed, is a little dubious. For example, the ‘Our Experts’ section only has four people in it, and none of them have professional profiles on sites like LinkedIn. In fact, at least one of the images has been used on several other websites, indicating they’re no expert belonging to this company whatsoever.

Another red flag is that even though the website is well designed, there are a bunch of spelling mistakes and typos, which only adds to the company’s unprofessionalism. 

Biggest Complaints Against CFX Market

CFX Market has all the trappings of a scam broker. It might look legit but there are various sites out there, and plenty of previous investors, who have nothing but negative things to say about the company. If you look at the comment below, the fact that people are attempting to recruit friends shows that the firm might even operate as a Ponzi scheme.

When companies like CFX Market receive complaints, it’s always for the same reasons. Customer service going quiet, loss of access to user accounts, and websites being shut down are just a handful of what investors have complaints about when it comes to scam brokers. 

Can I Get My Money Back From CFX Market?

It might feel like you’re alone in these situations but you really aren’t – there are hundreds if not thousands of people in the same position as you are. But this isn’t going to get your money back – it’s only through the chargeback industry that you’re able to recoup the funds you’ve had stolen from you. 

These companies are there to pick you back up when you’re at your lowest. They have the expertise and knowledge that’s needed to force dodgy brokers into giving back money to naive investors. What’s more, your case won’t be the first they’ve handled and it certainly won’t be the last, either. 

Without chargeback pros, getting your money back is highly unlikely, especially if you intend to try to face your scammer alone. Trust the experts and you could have your money back in as little as six months. 

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

It all starts with a free consultation – every decent company in this industry offers them. Just fill out the contact form on the firm’s website and you’ll hear from a chargeback professional in no time. 

If your case has the evidence needed, all you’ll need to do is sit back and wait while the team acting on your behalf gets to work. Where you might have struggled, the company representing you certainly won’t. They’ll work tirelessly and around-the-clock, using all the expertise and knowledge at their disposal to apply the pressure that no one else is able to. 

Financial regulators as well as the fraud team at your bank will most likely be unable to do anything about getting your money back. Your chargeback company, however, will tap into every resource and technique they have to do what’s needed. 

Though you may have to wait for some time, rather than being kept in the dark, you’ll be updated at every part of the process, so you’ll always know precisely what’s going on with your case and the actions that are being taken on your behalf.