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Recovering Lost Crypto Assets: A Comprehensive Guide

By: Antonio Smith / July 9, 2024

Recovering Lost Crypto Assets: A Comprehensive Guide In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, the promise of financial freedom comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most daunting challenges crypto enthusiasts face is the loss of digital assets. Whether due to forgotten passwords, lost private keys, or phishing scams, losing access to your […]

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Fraud, scams targeting elderly: How to protect yourself

By: Khan Sajid / June 18, 2024

Fraud, scams targeting elderly: How to protect yourself The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia is warning of the rising number of elder fraud scams. Georgia has some of the highest numbers of elder fraud out of all 50 states. At a seminar for elder abuse prevention, around 200 senior citizens gathered at […]

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Gemini Settles for $50 Million for Lawsuit Over Its Earn Program

By: Khan Sajid / June 17, 2024

Gemini has entered into a $50 million settlement with the New York Attorney General’s Office as part of an agreement to offer restitution to its defrauded users who were unable to reclaim their assets deposited into the Gemini Earn program. This settlement brings the lawsuit from October 2023 to a satisfactory conclusion. Letitia James, the […]

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AFUE Prevention: Unmasking The Fraudulent Exchange Scams

By: Antonio Smith / June 16, 2024

The financial landscape has been completely transformed by cryptocurrencies, which present investors and enthusiasts with never-before-seen opportunities. However, this growing sector has also become a haven for scammers and fraudsters.  The exchange scam, which takes advantage of weaknesses in cryptocurrency exchanges to target unusual users, is one of the most prevalent threats. This blog strives to give […]

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Crypto Hacks Has Wiped $19B Since 2011: Crystal Intelligence

By: Khan Sajid / June 14, 2024

Crypto Hacks Has Wiped $19B Since 2011: Crystal Intelligence Key Takeaways: Crypto hacks have stolen $19 billion over 13 years 2022 was the deadliest year, with $4.2 billion stolen in 199 hacks. $579 million stolen in DeFi hacks during 2023-2024. A massive $19 billion worth of digital assets has been stolen through 785 reported crypto hacks and […]

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How to Stay Safe From Phishing in Crypto Mailing List Hack

By: Antonio Smith / June 6, 2024

A vendor email compromise has led to ongoing phishing attacks targeting crypto users. Here’s how to stay safe. Tether CTO confirms vendor email system compromise affecting crypto firms.Fake crypto-airdrop emails sent to users in sophisticated phishing attacks.Industry urged to increase security measures and user awareness. Crypto companies have long been targets of various hacks and […]

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What to beware of when buying Ether this year

By: Antonio Smith / June 3, 2024

What to beware of when buying Ether this year Ethereum has been the focal point of newspaper content and headlines lately, having proven performances as good as those in April 2022. It’s been a tough year for the crypto industry, but all the bad luck has vanished with the commencement of the new year, and […]

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CoinMarketExPro: A Detailed Scam Review

By: Antonio Smith / July 3, 2023

CoinMarketExPro: A Detailed Scam Review Introduction In the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies, numerous platforms claim to offer exceptional services, secure transactions, and lucrative investment opportunities. Among them, CoinMarketExPro has garnered attention, but not always for the right reasons. This article delves into the operations of CoinMarketExPro, examining the red flags and user experiences that suggest […]

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Secretescapes-world.com Scam Review

By: Antonio Smith / March 8, 2023

Secretescapes-world.com fraudulent investment platform Who Is Secretescapes-world.com? Secretescapes-world.com was a company whose website claims to be based in Australia and UK. The business claims it provided a platform for cryptocurrency and forex trading. Secretescapes-world.com claimed to provide a system for trading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining that was totally automated and which could yield investors an […]

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Yorkcg Scam Broker Review

By: Admin / June 16, 2022

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