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Overview of Infinox Review:

In a big industry like that of the financial market, it is difficult for the regulations to supervise and look out for every scam broker that enters the industry. Due to this reason, various scam brokers enter the market and steal the hard-earned money of thousands. To solve this issue, various companies serve as the financial watchdogs of the financial market. If you landed on this review in the middle of your research on Infinox, you are just at the right place. Read on to know more about Infinox and know whether it’s a scam or not.

About Infinox:

Infinox or Infinox Capital Ltd is a forex broker that provides services in various tradable instruments such as forex, commodities, indices, shares, futures, etc. Based in the United Kingdoms, this brokerage firm has 100+ employees in different branches around the world including the Bahamas, Asia, and the middle east. Infinox has also won many awards and has clients all around the world. Founded in 2009, Infinox caters to the specific needs of its customers and helps them earn tons of profits each day.

Infinox and Regulations:

As you might be knowing by now, for a company to legally operate in the market, they must have a license from the regulation of the jurisdiction they are based out of. The license provides the regulation with the right to supervise the brokerage firms that come under them to maintain the legitimacy and eliminate any chance of a scam being conducted. Furthermore, a license also means that your money is safe with the brokerage firm. For those who suspected the Infinox scam, you must note that Infinox has a license from one of the top-tier regulations around the world – the Financial Conduct Authority which is abbreviated as FCA. That means that Infinox is REGULATED. This issues the first green flag against Infinox in this Infinox review.

Infinox and Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit is yet another test that determines whether a brokerage firm is a scam or not. Where the legitimate brokerage firms usually demand minimum deposits as less as $5, the scam brokers do not seem to have any reasonable limit on their demand for minimum deposits. These scam brokers demand up to $250,000 and more. In our case, the brokerage firm that has been suspected of being a scam and was called the Infinox scam for a long time is actually legitimate. Infinox demands a minimum deposit of just $1. This issues yet another green flag for Infinox.

Infinox and Demo accounts:

Demo accounts are specifically curated keeping in mind the new traders and the traders who are trying out a new brokerage firm for trading. The demo account lets the customers trade and check out the features without having to invest their real money in it. Scam brokers do not provide this feature as their main motive is to steal all the money from the victims. In our case, Infinox provides its customers with demo accounts. This is yet another green flag for Infinox.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

To conclude, we can safely say that Infinox is NOT a scam. Infinox is completely legitimate and we encourage our readers to trade with this brokerage firm.