Who is Trade2Get?

Trade2Get was an online broker owned by Argos Orion Solutions Ltd with its offices located in the UK and Dominica; this organization’s website has now been shut down. When it was operational, the platform offered trading in forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, and commodities. New members were required to deposit at least $300, following which they would be provided with a broker to work with and who was available for investment advice to guide them in their trading.

In the wake of this broker’s closure, the Trade2Get review below explores whether this organization was a scam or a legit company and whether those that have lost money to the platform have any recourse in terms of recovering their funds.

Is Trade2Get a Licensed Broker?

This broker was operating without regulation or licensing in place, making it an extremely high-risk investment proposition. The role of a regulator is to ensure that brokers are acting properly and within the law; they also provide a body to appeal to should the worst happen and a broker run into trouble or shut down. A license is required for a broker to legally provide financial services.

It is really important to check that any broker you’re considering using is licensed and regulated by a reputable, well-respected financial body; this is one of the best ways to be sure that the broker is a legitimate one, whereas virtually all scam brokers will not have these things in place.

Is Trade2Get regulated? No, this broker did not have a license or an overseeing regulator monitoring its activities during the time it was operating.

Is Trade2Get a Scam or Legit?

Apart from the fact that the Trade2Get’s website has been closed down and its unlicenced and unregulated status, there were other red flags to suggest that this broker was a scam concern. A key factor was how the brokers assigned to members regularly pressurized traders to invest larger and larger amounts of money, which is a common tactic of Ponzi schemes: these scams work by bringing in investment from current and new traders (with no trading actually going on) solely. Sometimes small payouts are made to maintain the appearance of credibility. Once new investment dries up, the platform will usually close, disappearing along with all of its investors’ money, as Trade2Get has done.

There are also numerous reports from former traders claiming that they were unable to withdraw their funds, as detailed below. Given the evidence, It is highly likely that a Trade2Get scam has been perpetrated.

Biggest Complaints Against Trade2Get

The most frequently seen Trade2Get complaints are from members that were denied access to their funds.

As the review above cites, Trade2Get operated by persuading investors to part with as much capital as possible until, at the point where the investor decided to withdraw their money, Trade2Get blocked access to the account so that no money could be recovered. Following this, the broker closed its website, disabled its emails and Skype addresses, and disconnected its phone lines, leaving its members seemingly with nowhere to turn to get their investment back.

Can I Get My Money Back from Trade2Get?

Yes, a Trade2Get refund is possible, although it may be tricky if you choose to try to pursue the matter yourself; you will need to track down the scammed funds, and make representation to all the parties involved, and possibly bring a legal case to bear to have any chance of a successful outcome.

A simpler and quicker option – which is likely to be more effective, too – is to enlist the services of a reputable chargeback company to act on your behalf. These teams have extensive experience in dealing with scam brokers and in recovering the funds lost to them. Begin the process by looking online to find the chargeback company you would like to work with, being sure to read reviews from former clients, and taking note of their success rates.

Once you’ve chosen, get in touch with the team; most chargeback companies have a simple contact form on their website; once this has been submitted a representative will contact you to fully discuss your case and next steps.

What is the Chargeback Process?

A chargeback company will first ascertain whether your case has a high chance of success; if this is deemed to be the case, then the team will begin the process of compiling all of the evidence and information that they need to track down your lost funds and confront all of the entities – both individuals and organizations – involved in the scam. In the vast majority of cases, a Trade2Get refund will be secured, and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account. The entire process can take about six months, depending on the complexity of the case.

If you have been the victim of a Trade2Get scam and have lost money as a result, then the best course of action is to make contact with a professional chargeback company, who will know the precise steps to take to recover your scammed funds.