Who is Avalon International Group?

Avalon International Group is an online broker offering investment opportunities in a range of markets. The company was founded in 2019 and has its offices based in Florida, USA; at present, it appears as if the company is inactive, and its website gives very little information on its status, structure or processes.

In the Avalon International Group review below, we seek to ascertain whether this is a legit platform or a scam concern that could have been responsible for the significant loss of funds for many of its members. We also explore, should the latter be the case, if there is any recourse for those who have lost their investment.

Is Avalon International Group a Licensed Broker?

Avalon International Group does not have a license, nor is this broker regulated, meaning that it is offering its financial services illegally. Further to this, the company has been blacklisted by the FCA (the financial regulator in the UK) and is under investigation by several other regulatory authorities.

If you are considering trading with a new broker, it’s important to make sure that they are licensed and regulated by a stringent external watchdog. This will both assure you that the broker is legit, and also acts as insurance, as you will have recourse, in terms of recouping your funds, should the broker run into trouble.

It’s important to be aware, however, that the robustness of regulations are not the same globally; this means that what may be a disallowed financial practice in one region may not attract sanctions in another. Taking time to research the regulatory status of the broker could potentially save you a lot of money and hassle.

In conclusion, in answer to the question, ‘Is Avalon International Group regulated?’ – the answer is no, it was not.

Is Avalon International Group a Scam or Legit?

Given its unlicensed and unregulated status, and the fact that it has been subject to at least one public warning from a financial regulator, it is likely that an Avalon International Group scam was being run. 

When active, the broker’s website was very sketchy, in terms of the information it provided on trading conditions and the nature of its service, which is another warning sign that all was not what it seemed with this platform. When considering investing with a broker, it’s important that the platform is clear and transparent about its terms and trading conditions; this means that you will have a realistic picture of exactly what you’re signing up for, and is also a sign that the broker is credible.

Can I Get My Money Back From Avalon International Group?

It is certainly possible to get your Avalon International Group money back if you feel that you have been scammed out of your funds by this broker. You may choose to pursue the matter yourself; however, this can be stressful and time-consuming and there is a significant chance that you won’t be successful in obtaining an Avalon International Group refund.

An option that is much more likely to have a positive outcome is that of instructing a professional chargeback company to act on your behalf; these companies specialize in recouping scammed funds for investors who have been defrauded by unscrupulous individuals and platforms.

Have a look online for all of the chargeback companies available that can help you – be sure to take some time to look at each organizations’ success rate and reviews from past clients. When you’re ready, make contact; most teams have a simple contact form on their website.

How Does the Chargeback or Recovery Process Work?

Initially, a member of the chargeback team will get in touch with you to fully discuss your case. If it’s deemed to be highly winnable, then it will be taken on, and a process of information and evidence gathering will begin; at this point, you will likely be asked for evidence of the scammed funds, including the amount and dates on which the transactions took place.

Once this stage is complete, the team will begin the fight to secure your Avalon International Group refund. This involves tracking down your lost funds and all of the perpetrators involved in the scam, both individuals and entities. The team knows exactly the route to go down to achieve this and has all of the expertise and resources at their fingertips to obtain a successful outcome for you.

The whole process takes about six months, although this will depend on the complexity of the case – many conclude within a much shorter time frame. Once the chargeback team has got your Avalon International Group money back, these funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

If you have lost money as a result of an Avalon International Group scam then the best course of action is to enlist the help of a chargeback company as soon as possible. As well as supporting you through the entire process, the team will fight tirelessly on your behalf to secure an Avalon International Group refund for you.