Who Is Hutton Chase? 

Owned by the Hutton Chase Corporation, Hutton Chase was an online retailer claiming to offer major-brand products at discounted prices. Established in 2010, the company made most of its money by offering a revolving line of credit issued by Mastercard with limits up to $1,500. Though the ‘online department store’ is now shut down, it’s still possible to get your hands on a credit card and it’s marketed for credit building. 

This Hutton Chase review takes a closer look at the apparent credit-building Merchandise Card, whether or not it’s worth using, and how you can go about reclaiming your money if you’ve been misled by this financial product. 

Is Hutton Chase a Licensed Broker?

Hutton Chase isn’t a broker at all. Though it was once an online retailer, promising high-quality products at the lowest prices, this was likely nothing more than a way of pushing its ‘Merchandise Card’, a line of credit up to $1,500. As mentioned above, the online department store is now closed down, but the credit card still exists and has been rebranded as a way for people to rebuild their credit with all three bureaus. 

The Hutton Chase card is promoted as a way to improve your financial status, but you’ll have to pay a deposit of $200 to be eligible, an amount of money that many people in need of credit can’t afford.

Is Hutton Chase a Scam or Legit?

Hutton Chase’s credit card isn’t quite a scam since it’s powered by Mastercard. So, if you have a Hutton Chase card, you can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercards. However, a person’s credit score isn’t at all important here – all you need is an upfront payment of $200 to get accepted. 

The fact that anyone with $200 can sign up is quite worrying and shows that the company isn’t worried about putting people in debt. What’s more, the website offers no information on the APR, late payment fees, how to repay what you spend, and any other fees you may incur when using your Hutton Chase card. 

Despite being powered by Mastercard, the Hutton Chase card should be avoided like the plague. There are various credit cards out there that can help people build their credit without having to make an initial deposit. They may still have high APRs, but those that require giving such a substantial upfront payment are designed to attract those with money problems.

Biggest Complaints Against Hutton Chase

Though the review below claims it takes $150 to open an account, the price has now gone up to $200. If this deposit is all it takes to gain access to credit, then this is pretty worrying.  

When you have a line of credit, customer service is hugely important. You need to be able to contact the credit company should any discrepancies occur, if you can’t make a payment on time, and to generally make any queries about your account if you have them. Much of the above review applies to the former online Hutton Chase department store, but with regards to the customer service issue, this is something that shouldn’t be ignored. 

We’d recommend applying for more trustworthy credit-building cards before even considering the Hutton Chase option. 

Can I Get My Money Back From Hutton Chase?

Hutton Chase’s online department store has been closed down for good reason. However, the credit card still exists, and though it’s marketed as a way to rebuild and restore credit ratings with the three bureaus, all the information you need before signing up is entirely non-existent on the website. 

If you’re one of the people who’ve been misled by Hutton Chase – and you certainly won’t be alone here – you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a really good chance of getting your money back. 

If you plan on attempting this alone, you should know that there’s really no need to. The chargeback industry exists to help those that are in the exact position you’re in, whether it’s Hutton Chase you’ve been wronged by or not. 

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

Finding a chargeback company you trust and arranging a consultation via phone or contact form is where the process starts. Once you’ve spoken to a member of an expert team and handed over your evidence, your job is done. The pros will get to work on your behalf, first by approaching Hutton Chase with demands and then contacting all appropriate regulators to apply as much pressure as possible. 

Since Hutton Chase remains active, communication with the company won’t be a problem. It’s worth remembering, though, that the chargeback company you choose will only take on your case if there’s merit to your claim. If they deem it to not be worth pursuing, then simply speak to one of the other chargeback firms out there. There’s no harm in shopping around, not least because initial consultations are free. 

Though you’ll have to pay a small fee, and likely wait for approximately six months for an answer to your claim, you’ll always be kept in the loop – except you won’t have to do any of the hard work that’s required for such cases.