Beware of Scams: Impersonating Darty for Crypto Fraud

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By: Antonio Smith / November 9, 2023

Beware of Scams: Impersonating Darty for Crypto Fraud

  • In the world of online scams, fraudsters continuously evolve their tactics to deceive unsuspecting victims. Recently, a concerning example has emerged with the website, which masquerades as an art-related platform but is, in fact, a scam crypto company exploiting the reputable brand name of Darty.
  • What is
  • presents itself as an art and collectibles website, but beneath this façade lies a deceptive scheme designed to defraud users. This site falsely uses the Darty brand—a well-known electronics retailer in Europe—to lend legitimacy to its operations.
  • Is a Licensed Broker?
  • Potential investors should know that has no official license or accreditation from any regulated financial authority. When choosing a broker or trading platform, it is advisable to check for, ideally, a Tier One or Two licensing and pay attention to where the trading company is registered. Some localities’ rules regarding regulation are much more relaxed than others. 
  • Was regulated?  It was not; this business operated as an unregulated investment company.
  • Biggest Complaints Against
  • In Australia, numerous investors have lodged complaints with the police against, alleging significant financial losses and urging legal action against the company’s promotion and malpractice.
  • Common Complaints Include:
  • 1. Defrauding Investors: Many reviews indicate that has intentionally deceived investors, resulting in lost funds.
  • 2. Blocked Withdrawals: Users report that the company prevents them from withdrawing money from their accounts.
  • 3. Lack of Response: There are numerous grievances about the company’s failure to respond to emails and other communication forms.
  • 4. Fake Trading Platform: Some complaints suggest that the web trader used by the company was fake and did not engage in any live trading.
  • 5. Ponzi Scheme Tactics: Scammed users assert that used new investors’ deposits to make random payouts to appear legitimate.
  • How the Scam Works
  • 1. Impersonation: By mimicking the Darty brand, scammers create a sense of trust and credibility, misleading potential victims into believing they are dealing with a legitimate company.
  • 2. Phishing and Fraudulent Transactions: Visitors to are lured into providing personal information or investing in non-existent crypto assets. This can result in significant financial losses and compromised personal data.
  • 3. Sophisticated Deception: The website might employ professional design and convincing content to enhance its credibility, making it challenging for individuals to discern the scam.
  • Protecting Yourself
  • 1. Verify Authenticity: Always check the official website of the brand (in this case, Darty) and cross-reference any links or contact information.
  • 2. Avoid Unsolicited Offers: Be wary of unsolicited emails or messages, especially those promising high returns on investments or requesting personal information.
  • 3. Report Suspicious Sites: If you encounter a suspicious website, report it to relevant authorities or consumer protection organizations to help prevent others from falling victim.

    DMCA Takedown: Due to numerous reports from victims regarding fraudulent activities associated with, the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has taken down the website. This action was taken to protect users and prevent further scams.

  • Conclusion
  • Stay vigilant and protect yourself from scams like Always verify the authenticity of websites, particularly when they involve financial transactions or personal information. By staying informed and cautious, you can safeguard yourself against online fraud.
  • For more information and to report such scams, visit consumer protection websites and stay updated on the latest scam alerts.

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