CoinStats hit with a security breach affecting 1,590 wallets

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By: Khan Sajid / June 23, 2024

CoinStats hit with a security breach affecting 1,590 wallets

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  • CoinStats faced a security breach affecting 1.3% of its iOS wallets, sending scam notifications.
  • Users must urgently transfer funds using exported private keys to secure their assets.
  • CoinStats is investigating and enhancing security measures to prevent future incidents.
  • A recent security breach has hit CoinStats, the popular crypto portfolio tracking app, causing a significant scare among iOS users. The incident resulted in a wave of scam notifications, affecting wallets created directly within the CoinStats app.

  • This security breach has impacted 1.3% of CoinStats wallets, totaling 1,590 wallets, prompting users to take urgent action to secure their funds.

  • Upon discovering the security breach, CoinStats quickly moved to mitigate the damage. The app was temporarily shut down to isolate and address the incident. This proactive response helped contain the breach and prevent further damage.

  • CoinStats assured users that this incident did not impact the connected wallets and centralized exchanges (CEXes). The focus was solely on the wallets created directly within the CoinStats app.
  • CoinStats security breach: iOS users hit with scam notificationsSource:

  • The immediate response from the CoinStats team limited the damage to just 1.3% of all CoinStats wallets. The affected wallets, totaling 1,590, are closely monitored as the investigation continues.

  • CoinStats has provided a list of affected wallet addresses and urged users to move their funds immediately using their exported private keys.

  • For those who had previously exported their private keys, the process is straightforward: transfer your funds as soon as possible to secure them from potential threats.

  • For users affected by this breach, immediate action is essential.

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Check if your wallet is affected:
    Refer to the Google Spreadsheet link provided by CoinStats to see if your wallet address is listed.

  2. Export your private key: If you haven’t already, export your private key to ensure you can access and transfer your funds.

  3. Move your funds: Use the exported private key to transfer your funds to a secure wallet. Do this as soon as possible to protect your assets from potential theft.

  4. Monitor for updates: Stay tuned to official CoinStats communications for the latest updates on the breach and any additional steps you may need to take.

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