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By: Antonio Smith / September 4, 2023

Shopee China Scam Review

  • Shopee China  Review – Is Shopee China  a scam or trustworthy online shop broker?
  • A decision to invest in a trustworthy company is critical for any type of trader, whether rookie or experienced. The Internet growth has given birth to a plethora of opportunities. Our Shopee China review is intended to assist traders in reading and understanding the likelihood of a large risk if they decide to trade with an Equity-Invest broker with the risk of falling victim to a Shopee China scam.

  • On investigating online about Shopee China Review we found that there are many negative Equity-Invest reviews and complaints on different broking forums. This is a red flag, for Shopee China broker can be a possible scam. Your investments may not be secured if you are trading with this broker.

  • Website –
  • Website Availability – Yes
  • Official Address – NA
  • Warned by regulating authority – Chinese Financial Market Supervisory Authority (China)
  • Regulation Status- NA
  • Domain Age –

Domain Name

Date Registered

February 22, 2019

Domain Age

3 years, 19 months, 24 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes, 4 seconds

  • Shopee China Review: What makes people suspicious of Shopee China as a scam broker?

  • The following are some of the fraudulent activities that Shopee China broker may engage in, and for this reason, we do not recommend working with this broker.

  • The terms and conditions of Shopee China broker are such, that it makes withdrawal impossible. Even if it is not possible to bonus. The rules and regulations condition are kept purposefully in such a way as to defraud traders/investors.

  • The broker calls you umpteen times to invest more and more amounts in the account.

  • Claims made through the website are untrue and are virtually not possible to achieve, execute or discharge.

  • Returns on investments (ROI) promised by Shopee China broker on his website are nearly impossible to achieve.

  • Risk warnings while trading are not declared/disclosed on the webpage or would be disclosed in very small fonts at some corner of the page which is hardly readable/noticeable,

  • The broker is active in the initial period; later on, he may not communicate with you or avoid replying altogether. He may change the URL or company’s name without notifying traders.

  • The broker may be operating from those countries where regulation rules are lenient or vague. More often than not these countries are heaven for scam brokers.

  • In the initial period, the broker will show you that you are making huge gains/profits but as soon as you submit a withdrawal request, your trades start making losses. Or they will point out some of their illegitimate rules of withdrawals whereby it will be impossible to withdraw.

  • Negative Shopee China reviews
  • On surfing the internet or social media sites you will find many negative Shopee China reviews and complaints of withdrawals of Shopee China broker. We also examined and scrutinized Shopee China broker online and other scam features, and hence included this broker in our list of scam brokers 2023. We always have a detailed investigative approach to accessing brokers and their reputations. We found the Shopee China broker has a negative reputation. 

  • What are the general reviews and complaints about Shopee China  broker?
  • We determined after reading many Shopee China reviews and complaints from the broker that account users are frustrated and unable to withdraw their funds. The broker has lied to them and is not keeping his word. The broker’s functioning is not transparent. The Shopee China broker is no longer communicating with them via any channels. The account has been banned or suspended.

  • Shopee China Review: How to get your lost money back from the Shopee China broker?
  • The best route to recover your stolen/lost money from the Shopee China scam is the Online Scam Report Team.

  • Online Scam Report has a committed team of experts from different fields. The combined team has years of experience and expertise dealing with fraud/scam broking companies. The Scams Report provides free consultation to those victims who have filled out a free consultation form and submitted it to us. We help you build up a solid case against the scammers without leaving any escape route for them, to regain your funds.

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