Who Is Trader VC? 

Trader VC was an online Forex and binary trading platform that was owned by BetaTechLTD and based in Bulgaria. Established in 2018, the broker supported 45 currency pairs as well as a range of commodities, stocks, and other financial products. To access its services, an initial deposit of $250 was required and people were promised massive returns on their investments. The website for Trader VC is currently shut down and the broker is no longer operating.

This Trader VC review takes an in-depth look at the company, the complaints it’s received from previous investors, and the action you should take if you’re one of the many people that have been scammed. 

Is Trader VC a Licensed Broker?

Whenever a broker is unlicensed both at home and abroad, this raises serious red flags. Trader VC is one of these companies. When the website was live, there was no information to suggest it was accredited by financial authorities, making it far from a credible platform for placing investments. 

The main problem here is that should your money be stolen or poorly invested, there are no regulators you can turn to for help. Plus, if a broker is unlicensed, it’s most definitely a scam. If the appropriate authorities won’t recognize them then that’s a clear sign that you shouldn’t trust them with your money. 

Is Trader VC a Scam or Legit?

Trader VC is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. Not only is the website shut down, but it was also unlicensed. What’s more, a quick Google search of the broker’s name will turn up a ton of results telling you to stay well away. Sadly, this is because of the number of people it was able to steal from before it was closed for good. 

The promise of high returns, a $250 sign-up deposit, and zero evidence of any trades being made with investors’ money are just a handful of reasons as to why this broker couldn’t be trusted. 

Just like other scammers, the customer service was initially perfect; in fact, it’s quite a nuisance a lot of the time, with many people reporting unsolicited calls encouraging them to deposit more. But once the broker had exhausted the potential for deposits that it could from individuals, the team was all of a sudden no longer reachable, whether by call or email. 

Biggest Complaints Against Trader VC

If you’ve been scammed by Trader VC or any other bad-intentioned broker for that matter, you’ll find your complaints are exactly that of everyone else in your position. While you might initially see some minor returns with the promise of much larger ones to come, you’ll eventually come to realize that the broker is simply keeping you keen to encourage you to deposit even more. 

Some people reported seeing actual profits in their accounts but the truth is, they never existed nor could they be withdrawn. In most cases, people were unable to gain access to their accounts let alone see any returns on their investments. Since the website was shut down, revoking account access made it convenient for Trader VC to disappear and ignore its investors. Were it not for the chargeback industry, it’s fair to say that the money you’d trusted Trader VC with would be truly lost.

Can I Get My Money Back From Trader VC?

You might feel like getting your money back is a hopeless pursuit from Trader VC but you’ll be pleased to know that it’s absolutely possible. Going it alone will probably prove fruitless, but to stand the best chance of having your investment returned, you should recruit one of the many chargeback companies that are there to defend people just like you. Without them, the likelihood of seeing your money in its rightful place is slim to none. 

Firms in this industry have a ton of experience in returning fraudulent investments. Where you’re based and the location of the broker will no doubt make things difficult if you take on the challenge alone – but not for chargeback companies. Experienced firms cross every border to ensure your lost money finds its way home.

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

The chargeback process starts with you. Once you’ve found a company you can rely on – and there are plenty out there, by the way – simply arrange a consultation. You’ll know you’ve picked a good one because this part will be free, whether you reach out via contact form or through telephone. 

Whichever method you choose, you’ll speak to a dedicated team member and have the chance to fully explain your case. All correspondence, transactions, and other vital evidence you’ve got will be requested at this point, and if there’s merit to your claim, all you’ll need to do is sit back and let the experts get to work. 

What makes these companies so dependable is that they’ve helped thousands of people who’ve gone through exactly what you’re facing right now. They’ll use their experience, industry knowledge, and access to essential resources to aggressively confront Trader VC and demand your investment be returned.